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ByeForever Lore:

ByeForever Clan is the brain child of Rigoletto.  Rig started the clan and the podcast in 2014.  He has since moved on to other games… you can still check out his podcast at

ByeForever is more than just a podcast clan.  But we care about media.  Check out some blasts from the past in ByeForever Media Content:

ByeForever records the 2nd ever CWL 9v10 3-star and the 1st CWL 9v11 2-star in the same war:

ByeForever scores major upsets in s3 CWL Invite Action:

ByeForever’s 50in50 Event becomes CWA’s most popular video for over a year:

50in50 2.0: