Family Rules



18+ and Clash Experience

All applicants are expected to be 18+, have basic war capabilities and experience, and common-sense clan knowledge


Don’t be a dick – trolling, homophobic and racist behavior is not tolerated here

Understand and Follow War Clan Protocols

  • Two attacks required each war – even in a blowout
  • We know fails are very frustrating. Nonetheless, do not rage quit!
  • Use the caller provided for calling your target – do not hit a called base
  • Adhere to the war plan; if you need to attack a base outside of your target range, ask an elder or co-leader first

Activity and Time Commitment

  • If you are unable to commit the time to put together two quality attacks, please OPT OUT
  • Donate to your clanmates and provide FCs when you are able
  • Keep your warbases up-to-date with current meta

Fair Play Values

Mods, bots, ringers, scripts, ghosting and private servers are not allowed anywhere in this family and use of any of these will result in being kicked and banned